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       Accelerating Innovation

DropCite sets a new standard as the first integrated software designed and built to accelerate the scientific research process, from original ideas to innovative results. It brings together researchers in communities of interest, captures their expert comments on new research, and gives them a powerful tool for rapid, real-time evaluation of research outputs.

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On the Pathway to Innovation

All ground-breaking discoveries start with a great idea. That idea then moves through stages to its final destination: a new patent, product, service or another great idea. DropCite facilitates and accelerates that movement every step of the way, from an idea’s first exposure at a scientific conference to its emergence as a validated concept, ready for commercial development.


DropCite’s patent-pending software empowers scientists to collaboratively assess and highlight important new research.  It captures immediate reactions to presentations and poster sessions at conferences, stimulates qualified commentaries about preprints, and produces crowd-sourced evaluations of scientific research outputs.  It leverages the collective expertise of research teams anytime, anywhere by giving them advanced commenting and evaluation tools that work easily across institutional and geographic boundaries.

From presentation, to publication, to realization: DropCite accelerates an idea’s journey to innovation.

Built by Researchers, for Researchers

DropCite was conceived and developed in response to the Covid pandemic. Like many in the scientific community at the time, its creators realized that that traditional research processes needed to speed up dramatically to meet the real-time challenges. DropCite’s technology enables more rapid, wide-ranging collaboration among researchers focused on similar questions, and much faster, targeted evaluation of research results.

The foundation of DropCite’s architecture is its LACE server. This software design helps the global research community:

  • Locate important new research presentations, posters, preprints and papers.
  • Annotate research outputs with expert commentary
  • Collaborate with other researchers using intuitive communications tools
  • Evaluate research with valid crowd-sourced metrics
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