Science at the Speed of Now


  • Conference presentations that allow you to view and pose questions about slides in context, days before they are presented or weeks after the event is over.   

  • A pdf reader that integrates you with a global community of experts to create collaborative annotation, inline, anytime, anywhere. 

  • A recommendation system that captures the consensus of the scientific community on preprints and publications as they are released, using our patent pending system to build you a personalized research library. 

Imagine DropCite.

Our innovative solutions are targeted at three primary use cases.

As a cutting-edge information-feed: 

  • Provides curated, annotated feed of the latest open science

  • Connects expert communities with collaborative annotation of emerging research

  • Improves evaluation



Conferences and Journal Clubs

For presentations DropCite provides: 

  • Offers inline, anytime, anywhere annotation
  • Connects groups and indviduals across time and distance
  • Makes virtual/hybrid events effortless

Research Teams

As a platform for teamwork, DropCite: 

  • Improves collaboration 

  • Optimizes feedback 

  • Provides security 

  • Accelerates communication 

Our Technology - Built by Researchers, for Researchers

new lace

Our patent-pending LACE server technology helps researchers in real time to:

  • Locate important new research from posters and presentations to preprints, and papers
  • Annotate that research inline, anytime, anywhere
  • Collaborate with other researchers to interpret and evaluate research
  • Evaluate research with valid crowd-sourced metrics based on the reaction of the scientific community in real time using AI/ML software (patent pending)
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